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Hello and welcome to my website. Here you will find a variety of courses that I intend to design. I have offered both sections of the United States History survey and I worked as a teaching assistant in the Civil War & Reconstruction course at Clemson University. Some of the other courses on this site are classes that I have taken in the past and would like to offer in the future. I am in the very early stages of developing these course websites so they are far from complete, and some are not even up and running yet. My objective is to upload course websites and syllabi pertaining to my field in order to share and exchange information. Please feel free to navigate around the website and do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at elager@utk.edu if there is anything I may be able to assist you with or if you have any suggestions to improve my website. You can view my resume here: resume and my teaching philosophy here: Teaching Philosophy

Do you know your basic early American history? Find out by taking a simple ten question multiple choice quiz. If you score a 60% or below, you probably need to brush up on your early American history. Just click on the “TAKE MY HISTORY QUIZ” link below.


Please take a few minutes to fill out my survey regarding the content in history courses. Your responses are important as I am constantly trying to improve my teaching and make my courses more effective and enjoyable. Just click on the “TAKE MY HISTORY COURSE CONTENT SURVEY” link below:



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